So yay for this being my first blog post on the wiki. and just remember that this is more then likely faulse.

First, let me give you a small history lesson. The Vectrex was a vector display-based video game console developed by Smith Engineering/Western Technologies and released in November of 1982, The launch sales were strong enough that Milton Bradly bought out General Consumer Electronics in early 1983. but the console shortly died out due to the Video Game crash of 1983. Now then, As far as we know, this is the only video games console ever released that can cause permanent retina damage even if played on a moderate brightness setting. 

And i'll repeat that word again, Permanent Retina Damage.

In May 1984, Milton Bradley merged with Hasbro, and the Vectrex was discontinued a few months after. Might i remind you that Hasbro has several brands of toys and games aimed at different demographics. Including the My Little Pony franchise.

Okay lets look at Derpy for a second. She is very clumsy and seems to destroy almost anything in front of her. and has very derped out eyes...

Could her vision be even more impared then we thought?

Can you get a lazy eye from playing video games? Maybe. I've found some traces of lazy eyes with some gamers. Might i also add that going back to the vectrex, it had a peripheral called 'The Vectrex 3D Imager' and some of you might know what 3D vision can do to you even in these days. (HD3D tv sets. 3DS. ect.)

The imager works by spinning a disk in front of the viewer's eyes. The disk is black for 180 degrees and then has 60 degree wedges of transparent red, green, and blue filters. The user looks through this to the Vectrex screen. The Vectrex synchronizes the rotation of the disk to the software frame rate as it draws 6 screens: with the right eye covered: the left eye red image, then green, and then the blue image is drawn. and then, while the left eye is covered by the black 180 degree sector: the right eye red, green, and then the blue image is drawn. Only one eye will see the Vectrex screen and its 3 associated images (or colors) at any one time while the other will be blocked by the 180 degree mask.

Basically its some kind of color illusion.

Now then how can one get a lazy eye? Well this usually appears in early childhood, (1983 early?) when a child has not yet learned to use both eyes. in this case the brain usually in a way, shuts off one eye and the childs vivion is usually blurred. even with glasses.

another thing to point out is that the Vetcrex was released in November 1982.

When was My Little Pony launched? 1983. Just a year appart.

The Vectrex 3D Imager, mentoned before, works by spinning a disk in front of the viewer's eyes. This could cause some damage to the eyes. Not including what the screen can do alone on a high brightness setting.

So lets try to process this one more time...

Vectrex was a vector display-based video game console released in November of 1982. GCE was bought by MB...

MB and hasbro merged...

My Little Pony released in 1983...

almost a year apart...

Vectrex alone can cause severe eye damage...

Derpy hooves MAY hve some kind of impared eye sight...


Now then just to get this out of the way, THIS MAY BE FAULSE as the creators have stated that her derp eyes was just someone playing around at the time of the EP'S Development. But that dosn't mean one should shove this aside. as every human being is intilted to his/her own opinion.

so for now when i get around to updating this, farewell and please think about it.