My Little Pony FiM - Love is in Bloom - Romanian01:38

My Little Pony FiM - Love is in Bloom - Romanian


Ah... it is gorgeous out, just gorgeous. Twi..light..I..have.. a message. Dear Twilight, I'm sure you are excited as I am about the upcoming wedding in Canterlot. Wedding? I will be presiding over the ceremony but would very much like you and your friends to help with the preparations for this wonderful occasion. Fluttershy, I would like you and songbird fliers to provide the music. Oh my goodness, what an honor! Pinkie Pie, I can think of no one more qualified than you to host the reception. Hip, hip, hooray! Applejack, you will be in charge of the catering reception. Well, calling me as pleased as punch! Rainbow Dash (yawn), I would very much appreciate if you could perform a sonic rainboom as the bride and groom complete their "I do-s". Yes! Rarity, you will be responsible for designing the dresses for the brides and her bridesmaids. Princess Celestia wants me to (waa saaa blah blah) design for a Canterlot wedding? (Uh yaya yay woo!) And as for you Twilight, you will be playing the most important role of all: making aure everything goes as planned. See you all very soon, Princess Celestia. But, don't understand... who's getting married? Wait, uhh, I was probably supposed to give you this first. Princess Celestia cordially invites you to the royal wedding of Princesss Mi Amore Cadenza and... my brother?! (My Little Pony FIM theme song)

This will be continued in Part 2 (which will be edited soon!)