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    More Mythology!

    January 16, 2013 by YggdrasillLaufey

    Hello everypony my name is YggdrasillLaufey and I'm the Mythology Maniac!

    Now before I get started I just want to ask one question. Are you curious about where all these magnificent magical creatures come from? Beacause if you do then know that I am more then willing to bive out my out put on this particular topic. While the show needs to be view for waht it is I still can't help myself and edit pages that tackle mythological creatures presented on the show.

    If you have any problems with my edits on the Creatures page, or if you think I missed out something, or if I was missleading, please contact me. Send me a message on the community blog and at my own blog. I am open for all critisizem.

    Thank you for your attention! I'm YggdrasillLaufey, t…

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