Man, I really had to write this sometime, but rather in a blog post, but nowhere in an internet forum. Not even one where all of us are actually friends.

You know, after I had left MLP Wiki, my impressions began to change. Not just here, EVERYWHERE.

Here it goes:

MLP Wiki: A few months before and after I left... the place suddenly started to degrade... you can't blame them people... but I feel like they are to blame. yh, new people come, old people go and some stay.

DeviantArt: Who gives a damn about me anyways? They just say "Thanks! ^_^" and run. :^| Including friends. I don't like it when this happens, I'm a person, not a goddamn robot.

MLPForums: Same as DA above... but my god, how I feel like: "Once famous, always famous. Not famous, never famous." Who even decides to talk with me anyways? Oh, and request shops... x-(

Terraria Community Forums: At least people do care here. Not always. Good thing request shops don't get swamped too quickly.

and two more:

Steam: At least a place that's better! Finally! :^)

Need for Speed Theories: What I had always tried to hide from people for two years straight. Oh well, revealed. I joined and then I was glad to meet my old friends. Its true name has died, but the community is lively, unlike many other Need for Speed communities like NFSCars. Then I left, gg, but I decided to check in occassionally (sometimes frequently) afterwards. NFST1 got killed by its admin, and NFST2 was made. I feel the death of NFST1 was justified indeed.

one more thing:

Friends: Do you even really accept me as one? Do you? Yes, I'm asking you all. The only one I feel like is a true friend is gRiMBMW, a Romanian you've never heard of, but he's a fellow RPGer on a certain text-based RPG.

I know some of my impressions aren't kind, but it's me. I've changed and I'm like more darker since when I left.