Which are the parts of the MLP fandom which you like or hate? (up to 3) Give reasons why.

Well, for me, it has to be:


1: A very small part of the fandom aka the part of the fandom that does not go crazy.

Reason: I'm in it, and I don't like seeing bronies getting crazy, that involves raging, posts like "omg my oc better thn u", "my oc cool ndds to be!" or "inslt mlp or i kill you" xD (had to well, avoid the capitalization)

2: People with normal OCs.

Reason: I also have a normal OC. By normal OCs, people that don't have Alicorn OCs/batponies they are way too overrated! Or people that have OCs that looks like a character in the show. The example is to the down right.

FANMADE Most OC examples

Yeah, you should not have an OC like this.


1: Most parts of the fandom, like 75%.

Reason: Well, they can go crazy all the time and would yeah, rage often.

2: Batponies

Reason: The perfect way to make your OC look stupid.

3: Cloppers

Reason: Oh my Celestia. Everyone hates this. Cloppers are making us a bad name, and haters would often think that all bronies are people who (further words removed because I dunno how to explain :P )

Post yours!