Okay, so I'm writing this post for two reasons. First off, I wanna introduce my team of fan-made ponies.:

FANMADE Brony OC Quartet
From left to right, they are as follows.:
  • Manga Wings-My first OC. She's a pegasus, and is the leader of the group.
  • Bubble Blast-A young kelpie. She is my only character to be of a non-canon species.
  • Choco Cherry-Red Velvet's younger sister. She's an Earth pony.
  • Red Velvet-A mare with great cooking skills. She's a unicorn.

Next, I wanna discuss gender-bent ponies.

As you know, GB ponies are quite a popular subject. However, one thing that I wonder is who would voice the Mane 6 if this was made into an episode. So here's my personal sugestions.:

  • Dusk Shine-Donald Glover; I don't know why, but I just imagine him sounding like Marshall Lee from Adventure Time.
  • Elusive-John DiMaggio; this is mainly 'cuz I saw that one panel on YouTube. Ya know, the one where Rarity was temporarily Bender?
  • Bubble Berry-Greg Cipes; it just seems to be the perfect fit for a character as wacky as Pinkie Pie.
  • Apple Jack-Brian Drummond; I imagine he'd sound like Garu from Pucca (but with an accent).
  • Rainbow Dash-Lee Tockar; given what he's already doing on the show, it seems pretty obvious.
  • Butterscotch-Matthew Lillard; let's face it, anyone who's a fan of both MLP and Scooby-Doo can EASILY draw parallels between Fluttershy and Shaggy, so why not make a little nod to the fanbase by having Shaggy's VA voice Butterscotch?

That's all I've got to say for now. Pleae comment!!! No negative/offensive comment!!! Thank you!!!