Symphonique Entertainment  is a record label and talent agency founded by Artistic Vision based in  Canterlot, Equestria . 

Today, S. Entertainment is known as one of the "Big Three" record companies in Canterlot, Equestria along with Beat Records Ltd and Anthem Records , for their large market share. Official contents by Symphonique Entertainment and its artists have cumulatively garnered more than 5 billion views and are subscribed by more than 12 million users on YouTube.  

Symphonique Entertainment
Type: Public
Traded as: ERX: 364138
Industry: Music,

Entertainment, Fashion, Travel

Genre: Various
Founded: October 6th, 2014
Founders: Artistic Vision
Headquarters: Canterlot
Number Of Locations: No information
Area served: PonyWide
Key Ponies: Artistic Vision (CEO),

Mystical Muze (CEO)

No Title
Services: Publishing records,Entertainment agency
Revenue Increase: Bits $61,788,496
Operating income: Increase Bits $28 million
Net income: Increase Bits $37.5 million
Owners: Artistic Vision

Mystical Muze

TM National Pension Service

Employees: 47
Divisions SE Interactive

SE Broadcasting SEUnited One Harmonic Aria Symphonique Entertainment SE Corporation

Subsidiaries: SE

SE Zuniga Recordings

SE Voyage Cruisin'

Website: No information
Secordary Recording Studios No information

No Title
Products: Albums


Television SEUnited One Harmonic Aria
Radio Zantrex Sound System


Musical Roots

On October 6th, Artistic Vision, a former member of legendary Manehatten band Wyld  Stallions, founded a indie S. Entertainment along with his friend Mystical Muze . A second SEuntied  album was released, on it featured a  young Toxic Beat.

The company grew with signing its first idol singer Sunrise Harmony, who found success in both Ponyville and Canterlot and was dubbed SuperTonic's rival at the peak of his career. It was revealed many years later that YG Entertainment had many secret relationships amongst its artists.

Mainstream Success

Business Expension 




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SE Family

Recording Artists

Signed Artists Gender Members Leader Status Fanclub Official Colour


  • Midnight Melody
  • Sunrise Harmony 
  • Toxic Beat


  • Icy Dream
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Grayson Blaze


Flight Acrobatics 

  • Cosmetic Flare
  • ShadowDash
  • Night Thunder
  • AfterShock
  • SonicZoom
  • Cobalt Blitz
  • Cold Streak



  • Crimson C. Quill "Cipher"​
  • Ruby Rhyme
  • Golden Prose
  • Musical Note
  • Toxic Beats
  • Penned Rhythm 


  • ShadowDancer


The Hoove Print is S. Entertainment's exclusive dance team first formed in 2014. Two original members still remain in The Hoove Print today, ShadowDancer (as a leader) and -------. They are mainly a stallion dance team with the exception of current mare dancer, -------

  • ShadowDancer

​------- dance team was created in the 2000s with current leader, -------. They went on and worked with YG artistes and other artistes such as -------, ---, ---------,-------------, ------ etc. *-------* --------- & *-------* ---------were a part of ------------ before their debut.

Former SE Artists

Debut in SE Artist Gender Members Departure Status Current Agency 

SE Trainees



Notable Former Trainees

SE Family Concerts


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