• Zachary.delorme.5

    Grogar, Probbly going to be next the two parter villian (probbly the preimer) he could present a huge threat to all of Equstria, When his Tabelon (after being banished by both Celistia and Luna with the elements of Harmony) reappears from its "Atlantis"-like state, giving Grogar an oppertunity to rule all of Equstria, and make everypony his slaves

    Scorpan, After leaving back to his land, Scorpan could have probbly been wanting to see how equstria has been doing sense left, so he appears and after a very long time meets Celistia and Luna again and meets the Mane Six for the first time, he probbly could appear for the two-parter premire (along with Grogar, Bray and all of Tabelon) being some help or they could use him for the two-parter seaso…

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