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applejacksboyfriend thunderlane.

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this story tells of applejacks secrets!!!!

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applejack was walking she stopped twilight sparkle came up behind her. she loked around,'hey wat you all staring at she looked she stared twilight spoken aplejack who is your real boyfriend? she asked fluteterfly brushed her hair and looked applejack froze and said why ask twilight i told you before' twilight said well i forgot. then rainbowdash and the others came up and said yah who is your boyfriend? applejack burshed her hair back his is thunderlane, she blushed omg rainbowdash said oh my applejack!, pinkie pie said twilight glared she always liked thunderlane. oh really you think you can take him from me!!!! twilight said. applejack said now /hon, he wanted too date me so i gave it a try i love him and he loves me, thunderlane walked over hi my beauty apple he put his feet over applejack and they both walked away kissing.