Hey, everyone!  Ok, for those of you that don't know, I've been writing a fan fiction about MLP.  I'm calling it "The Love Struck Stallion"  It's where two brothers named Heart Fire and Sparks (credit for the names go to Nuka-Social) who are friends with Big Macintosh.  They lived in Manehatton, until they moved to Ponyville.  When they get there, Sparks falls in love with Fluttershy.  Big Mac and Heart Fire help Sparks win her hear.  But it isn't a one episode thing.  The three share adventures together.  By the way, this is set after the CMC get their cutie marks.  Here are the ponies below.  Heart Fire is a former Wonderbolt, and Sparks is a couples counceler.  So naturally, their cutie marks are a lightning bolt (Heart Fire) and a broken heart swen back together (Sparks).

FANMADE Heart Fire and Sparks

Heart Fire (left) and Sparks (right)