Hi everyone. I'm ZH115. Apparently I've been on here before, but like Gandalf, I have no memory of this place (points if you get the reference). I like a lot of things. And I'm proud to say MLP: FIM is one of them. I like the show, but I'm just one of those fans within the fandom that is just kinda there. Like I don't watch/read/write fanfics. I just watch the show/movies and hang with people who do the same or more. I figure I could meet more friends who like the show too on here. I made friends on other wikis, so why not more friends? I have a question. What are your top 5 fan made PMV's. It doesn't have to be in order. Mine are:

  • Winter's F***ed Up
  • Strangers
  • How Applejack Won the War
  • Discord (Living Tombstone Remix)
  • I Am Octavia