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  • Zony514

    Hey everybody from MLP Wiki! Happy New Years of 2016!

    It's been a while for me to be here again since I'm going on random hiatus. Trying to improve myself on moving forward to my new life, which is hard to do because of where I live (seriously, Hawaii is a prison island). But since it's the new year, I should start moving on more harder to myself.

    How was your New Years day? I was mostly at home doing nothing but surfing the internet and watching gameplays like Fran Bow. No place to go since everywhere was closed, and besides it was raining either. Yeah, it was kinda boring day, but at least I tried my best to entertain myself.

    But looking back at 2015, everything went on so was like yesterday. Season 5 for MLP was great back then. …

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  • Zony514

    Questions to you after S5!

    November 30, 2015 by Zony514

    Hey guys! It's been a while to come here again.

    Have everybody enjoyed the season finale of S5? I've pretty much enjoyed it. Although there were some parts that wasn't satisfying, I still liked it as being one the best ending of MLP. But now, it's hiatus mode for MLP again, so we won't be seeing MLP again until S6 is released. So until then, here's some question I'll be providing you for some fun until S6.

    1. What are you gonna do for the whole time while MLP is in hiatus mode?

    2. Who was your favorite pony in S5 other than the main ponies.

    3. What was your favorite episode in S5?

    4. When do you think S6 will be released?

    5. What kind of episode you wanna see in S6?

    6. Any last comments you wanna leave for S5?

    For me...

    1. Just as usual, being busy…

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  • Zony514

    I know I should've informed that I'd be gone for a week to Japan, but didn't have time due to some busy situation in real life. But now, I'm back from Japan! It's sad that MLP is completely gone in Japan due to the low popularity among children, but I do see many Japanese MLP and furry fans hoping to see the new seasons and movies in many Japanese sites. But anyways, Japan was cold due to clouds and rains, but the view was beautiful with full of cherry blossoms, which it was my first time to see in real life. I now miss Japan since then, but wishing to live there in the near future.

    I know Season 5 has already started while I was gone to Japan, so how was it? I know I should check it out by myself, but wanted to know everybody's comments ab…

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  • Zony514

    I know it has been a while since this happened, which I was kinda late when I've noticed about it...but it has proven that MLP has been completely removed out from Japan's anime society. Their official website for online shopping, has been completely removed since last month January 15th...

    In Japan, there was nothing new for MLP since the Japanese version of Season 2 has ended. Season 3 and 4, including Equestria Girls series were never released since then, even the manga version has been ended in a 7 short chapters, even no DVDs released at all...although fans are still out there in Japan, while fanarts are still seen everywhere in pixiv, it looks like MLP in Japan has completely died out. But I could understand wh…

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  • Zony514

    Merry Christmas to MLP Wikia!

    December 25, 2014 by Zony514

    Since today's Christmas Eve, I would like to say Merry Christmas to everybody in MLP:FiM Wikia!

    This is picture I've drawn and posted at pixiv. Unlike the New Year's pic I've drawn back in January, I've pretty much improved my ways of drawing ponies, although I haven't had a chance to draw any of them this whole year though. I'm pretty much glad and satisfied with this drawing, and since today's Christmas, I would like to give you this pic to you all!

    Well, the Year of Horse will end next week, but even then we'll have more fun with MLP. So on...Merry Christmas and have a Happy Holidays, every friends of MLP:FiM Wikia!

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