Last time at Jonbuddy's blog, he explained few things about this "time paradox" theory in last Saturday's "It's About Time episode. However, although he has explained few things about his theory, there were some people who didn't sort of understand what it meant. I do understand what he was trying to say, but just concluding this theory doesn't mean its exactly right. So, in my theory, I've thought of it as a "parallel world theory", where Twilight's time traveling was actually took place in a "same but different world". I'll explain it by using the pics I've created using the new Photoshop I just got last Friday.(Yeah baby, its back!!!)

In conclusion, as in theory which may be fictional, time paradoxes or history changes does not occur or never exists, which this type of situation will repeat itself without having a will of changing the ways. And this type of theory is pretty much understandable, since this theory was pretty much used in most but some cartoons and comics, even mangas and animes as well. But, its up to your understandings. Its okay if you don't understand what I'm trying to say, because we can leave the answers alone as a mystery that'll never be solved. We'll just leave it up to everypony's imaginations.

By the way...did anybody felt sick for Spike eating ice cream for more than 24 hours?