I know I should've informed that I'd be gone for a week to Japan, but didn't have time due to some busy situation in real life. But now, I'm back from Japan! It's sad that MLP is completely gone in Japan due to the low popularity among children, but I do see many Japanese MLP and furry fans hoping to see the new seasons and movies in many Japanese sites. But anyways, Japan was cold due to clouds and rains, but the view was beautiful with full of cherry blossoms, which it was my first time to see in real life. I now miss Japan since then, but wishing to live there in the near future.

I know Season 5 has already started while I was gone to Japan, so how was it? I know I should check it out by myself, but wanted to know everybody's comments about the show since there's no way I could watch it.

Anyways, I'm back from a long but short vacation to Japan, so I'll see you on the flip side! (wink)