Since the previous game of this was popular, which I was well surprised, I decided to make a round 2 of this game!

Inspired by the popular "Rate the below character" blog games, I've made a similar type of that game. What you must do in this game is that you must describe the character posted below using 4 words. Here are the examples...:

User 1: Twilight Sparkle

User 2 (You): Princess, Smart, Cute, My Waifu. Applejack

And so on...just like you rate the below character but this time using 4 words describing that character instead. Here are the rules...

1. You can choose the same character as many times so other users can describe them with different words of their choice.

2. You can choose other characters from other cartoons, games, movies, etc. 

3. If you don't know that character, ignore it and let other users do it for you instead. This also includes characters that you dislike/hate too.

4. Posting one negative word (ex: brashful, evil, bully, etc.) is okay because its true, but don't post any hateful words to that character such as swearings or cursings. Disrespecting that character includes disrespecting that person who loves that character. Be respectful and polite!

5. Don't use words that's not true to that character. Ex: Princess Celestia=Molestia or Tyrant, Pinkie Pie=Psychopath, Applejack=Background pony, etc. Memes are not allowed!

6. If there's something that's unacceptable, don't try to commit wars in the comments. Trust me, I did it before and it made myself terrible than anyone else...

7. I want everybody to enjoy each other so this game won't get deleted because of the caused trouble. Protect the rules and have fun!

If there's anything I should add or have any questions regarding to this game, please feel free to ask me about it.

Okay, let the games begin!

Starting with...Sonata Dusk