Wow...its been quite a while since I posted my previous blog.

Anyways...I've been checking on the episode galleries for a long time, but just found some doubts regarding to the pics posted in some pages, and I'm talking are the "duplicate" pics. There are lots of duplicates that has been posted on most galleries, which it doesn't show any differences to each other except for small movements and qualities.

For example...

Sorry for some weird editting...these are the pics I got from season 1's "Call of the Cutie". The pics on the left are the pics I posted not too long ago, but the one on the right are the pics that were later posted. The differences are the small movements (like the mouth), quality of contrasts and brightness, and the appearance of the hub logo. But instead of those three, there all the same, and I don't think there are any meanings of posting duplicates with small differences in the gallery.

What I'm trying to say is, should we keep it like this, or delete the duplicates? I suggest to keep the good quality ones, but don't know if I should delete the other without permission and let someone else do it for me instead. I need suggestions.