I really don't know where to post this info, as I was afraid to post it here since everybody in this wiki, including Equestria Daily, HATES Equestria Girls so badly...but deviantArt loves it oddly. And I wouldn't think posting at Equestria Girls wikia would be better since that place seems to be completely abandoned due to problems (and hatrism). So although I am aware people will bash this blog so much, I'm gonna post it here anyways, since it doesn't seem to be mentioned in any EG related pages.

I know its been quite a while since I found this info, but as I was surfing through deviantArt, I found this blog which they've found at Equestria Daily. What the info is about that Hasbro's planning to release the tv series version of Equestria Girls, taking place in a human world of MLP, and naming it as "Equestria Academy" as MLP:FiM's spin-off. Not much info about this yet, but they're planning to announce it in France in Fall 2014.

Here's the reference from deviantArt which I found first:

Here's the reference from Equestria Daily: I can already imagine how people here will react, I'm gonna ask anyways...

What do everybody think about this?