I normally don't use blogs, so this is gonna be my first time making one.

Good thing that I'm doing things for this wiki...mostly posting new screenshots for the gallery. But I like screenshots, so I'll help on making the gallery a better one.

Anyways, did anybody had a wonder Christmas holidays? For me...well...yeah...had the joy and spirit...but to be honest, it really sucked. Its just my family...they hate being joyful and happy because they're extremely negative and miserable, and mostly offensive and wrathful on everything. Yeah, even I love Christmas, I hate my family, so badly. Can't respect them as they disrespect and mistreat me like a worthless rotten voodoo doll. Its just their mental problems...its distorted. I just wish they could just fix it and quit being so stupid and miserable...and grow up already!!(-_-#)

Anyways, happy holidays!