Mr. Greenhooves ID S1E15
I've watched today's new episode "Putting Your Hoof Down", and found out that this old man--er, old pony's name have changed from "Hayseed" to "Mr. Greenhooves". To be honest, I really don't care about this dude, but there seems to have some conflicts with this name change, so I decided to write about it into this blog, rather than comments and forums.

I know there was a same conflicts back in the "Derpy incident", and its kinda resolved right now, but looks like we got another name conflicts with this guy, even when it comes with this wiki. People are saying whether to rename it as "Hayseed Greenhooves" or change it as it is to be "Mr. Greenhooves". People say keeping "Hayseed" as his first name will be better, but admins denies it (in an offensive way) and wants some proof of that. In my opinion...what proof? "Hayseed" was mentioned as an official name by the creator, but although he was called "Mr. Greenhooves", I believe that "Hayseed" might be his first name.

Its pretty understandable when it concludes that way, because there are some characters who's previous name has changed to last names. Sorry to bring in characters from different products...but for example...

1. Dr. Eggman(Sonic series) --- His name was first known as "Dr. Robotnik" during the Genesis era, but used his Japanese name "Dr. Eggman" after Dreamcast was released, and used the "Robotnik" as his last name, as it was mentioned according to his lost siblings from Sonic Adventure 2. Well, nobody knows his first name since "Eggman" is his "nickname", but "Julian" and "Ivo" is the name used only in the comics, so we know this can't be right either.

2. Princess Peach(Mario series) --- Her name was known as "Princess Toadstool" in the beginning, but changed to her Japanese name "Princess Peach" after N64 was released. Later on, the name "Toadstool" has changed to her last name.

3. Bowser(Mario series) --- In Japan, he's named as "Koopa", but mentioned to be as "Bowser" in the US. However, according to his siblings "the Koopalings", their last name were known as "Koopa", there is a possibility that his Japanese name "Koopa" can be his last name, and "Bowser" as his first name.

4. Charlie(Street Fighter Alpha series) --- His name in Japan is "Nash", but somehow renamed him as "Charlie" in the US. I really don't know why they changed his name, but confirmed that "Nash" is Charlie's last name, according to UDON's comic adaption, so this pretty solves everything.

Yes, there was another conflicts with names like "Derpy is Ditzy Do", and there was no proof of that Derpy IS Ditzy. But exactly, there IS no proof that Derpy is Ditzy. The name was mentioned, but the actual pony didn't appear in the scene, and although Rainbowshine and Rainbow Dash mentioned Ditzy's mistakes and called her a "feather brain", it still doesn't reflect to Derpy in a 100% possibility.

Anyways, I do think using "Hayseed" as his first name will be best further on. But admins go against it, so things will be THEIR choice, not us powerless contributors. But instead, we could ask the creator about this situation, which is best to solve the problem (But I don't know the way to inform so I'll leave that part to someone else).

What do you say, my dear brony friends? Agreeable or deniable?