Hey everybody from MLP Wiki! Happy New Years of 2016!

It's been a while for me to be here again since I'm going on random hiatus. Trying to improve myself on moving forward to my new life, which is hard to do because of where I live (seriously, Hawaii is a prison island). But since it's the new year, I should start moving on more harder to myself.

How was your New Years day? I was mostly at home doing nothing but surfing the internet and watching gameplays like Fran Bow. No place to go since everywhere was closed, and besides it was raining either. Yeah, it was kinda boring day, but at least I tried my best to entertain myself.

But looking back at 2015, everything went on so was like yesterday. Season 5 for MLP was great back then. Seen new characters and interesting events, now there are more new possibilities for the upcoming Season 6 which we'll be waiting for. For me, there were so many hardships that I really didn't enjoy a lot, but I'm hoping for new excitement for this year 2016! Only worries is that if I can really fulfill my dreams this time though...

Anyways, thank you for everything back in 2015! I hope we'll have another enjoying moments in this 2016! Until then, have a wonderful new year day!