It's been a while since I posted the last blog, so long time no see!

Okay, since there's not gonna be a new episode this Saturday, I was thinking we should think about Season 3, since we have few more episodes left until season final. Although officials has revealed that Season 3 is on work, there's no info on Season 4, so the next season will be the last season for MLP:FiM. So, why don't we try guessing on how things gonna happen in Season 3.

What I guess is, and that's exactly a "duh", CMC will finally get their cutie marks (which I believe Applebloom=art, Sweetie Belle=music, Scootaloo=athletic or dance), but what I start imagining is the epilogue of Trixie and Gilda. I know there are people who hate them so much according to the comments from their articles and galleries, but I don't feel anything bad about those two, although they have attitude problems. They ended in a bad way, and I really don't think that kind of ending fits in this series. What I think that they will return as before, but since this is series talks about "friendship", they'll end in a better way than before, like Gilda and Rainbow Dash's friendship restored, and Trixie admits her defeat but becomes friends with Twilight. I still don't think the staff's gonna treat them crucial and cold for leaving them gone forever, it doesn't look right for this show.

Other than that, I do think the final episode will focus mainly on Twilight, like how she was focused mainly on the first episode of Season 1. I was thinking that she might return to Canterlot as her duties have ended, which means she must leave Ponyville and her friends behind as a goodbye, but decides to live in Ponyville along with her friends, as it means saying goodbye with Canterlot and Princess Celestia...but I just found out that doesn't look right for a better and touching ending, so I thought of this instead...

"A mysterious event somehow invaded into Twilight, which made her become amnesia, losing all her memories completely. Not just she can't remember about herself, but she no longer remember her friends, even Spike and Princess Celestia, and all other ponies she have met before. Sadness grew throughout her friends, but decides to do something in order to bring Twilight's memories back."

I thought this ending will be better and touching, which will be a two final episodes or an hour longer final episode, but this is just my imagination, so don't get too real about it. Now its your turn to think and imagine how Season 3's gonna happen! Let's hear your side of imagination! But try to stay away from the hate comments, including blood and gore stuffs, like those cupcake me, nobody wanna hear it.