First of all, May 14 was my birthday...........yup, that's all.

Anyways, bringing to the main topic...since Season 4's over and there's nothing showing every Saturdays, things became a bit boring as there's nothing much to do. Well, there are IDW comics but that wouldn't help out, so I was thinking of working on a project of my own...which is a crossover fanfic of MLP and Sonic.

I was thinking of this project since the end of Season 2, but didn't have a chance to work on it because of my personal problems in the real life. But since I haven't given up on it, I was thinking that I should start on it. The reason why I wanted to make a crossover fanfic of MLP and Sonic is because there were few crossovers of these two at deviantArt as it was popular among fans, which I became addicted to it too. Due to that, I started imagining things of how Sonic and the Mane 6 would meet each other, and what kind of events they'll experience on. This imagination have give me an interest of making a fanfic, which is the project that I'm planning to work on right now. However, as I haven't start making one yet, although I am actually making a prequel of it, I haven't decide where I could post it at. Since I haven't joined deviantArt and can't post it at FiMfic and here, I am planning to post it at the Japanese site called "pixiv" for a while, which I'm actually writing this fanfic in Japanese first. I might be planning to write it in English sometime, but since I'm working on the prequel right now, I'm not quite sure when I could start on this main project. But I might let you know after I'm done with the prequel.

Since it might take so much time to start work on it, I would like to explain the summary of what this crossover fanfic gonna be like...

"As Sonic was investigating on a mysterious phenomenon with his friends, he realized that he has awaken in a strange world...where only magical ponies exists! As he meet with Twilight Sparkle and the Mane 6, they decide to help the blue hedgehog to search for his missing friends, as they fight against a mysterious threat that may turn Equestria upside down."

In Sonic's side, his story will be taking place after the events of "Sonic Generations", which is the prequel of this project as I am working right now. The reason why I am making this prequel is I want to make sure how the main project's events affect the previous. Main characters of Sonic's side will be Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and Cheese, and Rouge.

In MLP's side, their story will be taking place after Season 3's Episode 12. However, since I wanted to make the story a lot more different and interesting, I've decide to make this world an alternate universe, where all events after Season 3's Episode 13 and further on, including the Equestria Girls, never existed. In other words, the Twilight who'll appear in this story will be kept as an unicorn, which her destiny of becoming a princess and alicorn never happened. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean I hate alicorn/princess Twilight, since I do love her in any forms. I will explain the reason if time comes. I might plan to bring every characters before S3E13, which including major roles for the background ponies like Derpy, Lyra, DJ Pon-3, etc.

If you have any questions regarding to this project and story itself, you can ask me anytime and I'll try answer it as possible. But I won't tell you to expect this because I'm not qute sure when I could start on it. I might report after I'm done with the prequel though.

Anyways, that's pretty much it for my blog. Thanks for reading!

See Ya!