Saw today's new episode, and it was pretty much heartbreaking than I had imagined before. But somehow, I just had the feeling that the show was trying to tell us about something. This episode somehow related to something that the creators and staffs, official productions, and this wiki had problems with; which is "fandom", or what we call it "bronies". Before this episode was released, I was thinking about writing something to this blog about the problems with fandom, which fans started to spread false information about character appearances throughout the internet like a network virus. You know what I'm talking about...Princess Celestia a troll/molester/tyrant gossips, Pinkie Pie as a bloodthirsty psychopath as in "Cupcakes", Rainbow Dash is a gay/lesbian, etc., all these gossips among characters have came from all over the internet, including DeviantArt, Meme, 4chan, etc. And because of that, haters among those innocent characters were increased, like a terrorizing cults. I believe that this show, and the production itself, was trying to send a message to the fans who watches the show, saying "to quit spreading the fake and hateful rumors because not just only characters, but its causing massive damage to the show".

The episode was heartbreaking for the CMC, but good thing that they were forgiven at the end. But on the other half, I felt kinda relieved when I believed that the production did my job for me. It was a long stuff when I was first writing it on Microsoft Word before I was gonna post it, so it rest my case. I thank the staffs and productions for showing this episode that could make fandom/bronies learn a lesson for the cause, or else this problem will never end for sure.

But everypony here, what do you think about the fandom today? Do you think they have gotten too far, or is it just common normal?

By the way, is it just me, or did Silver Spoon betrayed Diamond Tiara after Family Appreciation? Because I hardly see both of them together anymore, just like this episode. And I'm pretty interested of hearing the secret of Trixie...I hope this isn't something that the staff was talking about since last season?