This season's finale was an epic! I didn't even notice that everything's gonna be like Dragon Ball Z, which brought that ultimate death battle with full of explosions and destructions and brutalities and lasers, and even that Super Saiyan-ish Rainbow Power that almost destroyed my computer...yeah, Hasbro may have gotten too far for a girls & children's cartoon, but hell I gotta admit that its the best finale than any previous finales ever! But now this season's MLP has ended, I've kinda feel dull now that you won't be seeing any new ones until next know what mean? Well...although everybody in this wiki hates it so badly, Equestria Girls 2 gonna come soon, so I won't feel sad as I could wait for it though.

Anyways, bringing into the main subject, since Hasbro's now making season 5, I want to ask everybody this question regarding to the upcoming season. I know I have already posted in some ask blogs, but rather asking only certain person, this time I wanna ask everybody in this wiki. Anyone who've already answered from their ask blog can answer it again!

Okay, here's the question...

1. What kind of episode are you expecting or hoping to see in the next season?

2. If there's a chance for any pony except for the Mane 6 (and Spike) and the CMC to get the major role, who would you choose by naming 3 ponies of your choice? (You can include non-ponies too)

Till then, see ya!