After I asked everybody what episode you're expecting/hoping for Season 5 and which 3 ponies of your choice should have a major role, I pretty much got lots of answers, which many were interesting. So I decided to make another question to everybody blog, regarding to the upcoming Season 5.

Season 5 will be full of new adventures for us, even the Mane 6; but we still don't know what kind of episodes the staffs will bring for us. However, there's one thing I had in my mind for the whole time. Since Discord was the first villain to be reformed into good (half during Season 3 but fully after Season 4), and Sunset Shimmer who fully reformed into good after Twilight forgave her in the first EG movie, there may be more possibilities that other villains/antagonists will be reformed too. And of course, this show's about friendship, and of course friendship is magic, so it can help bad guys to reform to good guys if possible. But I know not everybody can be reformed due to their quality of nature, much as they never learned any lesson or stay evil until they die, like Tirek of course, and Sombra who later died. But we don't know yet, there maybe chances for them to be reformed, and I do think Season 5 will mostly be showing those episodes of reforming bad to good, as someone said "the only way to defeat your enemy is friendship".

So here's the main question to everybody in this wiki...

"If Season 5 will mostly show villains/antagonists to become reformed into good, which character would you like to see get reformed?"

It can be more than one villain/antagonist of your choice. You can explain how they'll get reformed if possible.

In my case, I'd choose Trixie. Since her last appearance from Season 3, we do see that she somehow learned something important from what she caused, as she apologized to Twilight afterwards and calling herself "The Great and Apologetic Trixie". I sensed that she's half way in the stage of reformation, possibilities that she might reform completely in Season 5, if she returns. Whether her return will be a rematch failure against Twilight, or got into a severe accident and Twilight saved her life, Twilight asks friendship with her as she sensed Trixie needed help, which this may reform Trixie to become good and friends with Twilight.

Another character I choose is Gilda. We haven't seen her since the very first season, which I pretty much missed her and wondered what happened to her. Since we've seen many griffons in every season, there gotta be a possibility that Gilda will return. If she does, her friendship with RD should be restored in some way and gaining relationship with the other Mane 6 if possible, which this'll make Gilda reform into good.

Finally...Silver Spoon. Honestly, I really don't care much about Diamond Tiara since I have this feeling she won't be saved in the end, but for Silver Spoon, she has a chance. In my view, I do see Silver Spoon's just following Diamond Tiara along with her actions, possibly not according to her own will. Reason is that she applauded and shown respect to Granny Smith back in Family Appreciation Day, and taken back the choco sundae that was stolen by Diamond Tiara during Pinkie's music back in Pinkie Pride. So, this means she's NOT always following Diamond Tiara's way, which she may sometimes go against her. Really, I really don't see her that bad as Diamond Tiara, so there may be chances that she'll finally get over with Diamond Tiara and regain friendship with the CMC, if there's a possibilities for that episode to air in Season 5.

So, which villain/antagonist do you wanna see get reformed? It's Answering Time!