Hey guys! It's been a while to come here again.

Have everybody enjoyed the season finale of S5? I've pretty much enjoyed it. Although there were some parts that wasn't satisfying, I still liked it as being one the best ending of MLP. But now, it's hiatus mode for MLP again, so we won't be seeing MLP again until S6 is released. So until then, here's some question I'll be providing you for some fun until S6.

1. What are you gonna do for the whole time while MLP is in hiatus mode?

2. Who was your favorite pony in S5 other than the main ponies.

3. What was your favorite episode in S5?

4. When do you think S6 will be released?

5. What kind of episode you wanna see in S6?

6. Any last comments you wanna leave for S5?

For me...

1. Just as usual, being busy with few personal stuffs. But I really need to improve myself to move out from Hawaii...the economy there is getting worse.

2. I can almost sense Starlight gonna be my favorite, but I also like Moon Dancer as being my favorite too!

3. The season finale was great, but I also liked Castle Sweet Castle, Tanks for the Memories, The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone, Slice of Life, Amending Fences, RARITY MONTH (who would ever thought we'd having Rarity three weeks in a row!? That was awesome!), Crusaders of the Lost Mark, Heartbreakers, and the Mane Attraction.

4. I'm pretty sure S6 will be aired next year, but the earliest I think will be in spring, maybe March or April?

5. Since Starlight have became reformed and became friends with Twilight, I don't know if this'll mean she'll be a new member of the main ponies, but I would like to see her in more action how she'll face challenges and learn more on friendships. But I really missed Trixie...I was expecting her to return this season. She's in her reforming stage too, so I hope she'll return to S6 and finally become friends with Twilight.

6. S5 was full of excitement and everything was great. Also it was full of nostalgic moments, such as seeing the old faces again like my favorite Gilda and the main villain all-stars in the season finale. It was also good that this was the first season when the background ponies finally got their spotlights as fan service which I really enjoyed a lot, and they should continue that too if possible. It was also a good thing that the CMCs finally got their cutie mark, which was something we all should celebrate about. S5 was great, but we'll see if S6 can be more better than that.