I've been seeing many pics and some images about MLP's Rainbow Powered series. Much more the toys of this are all over the place, and I do have a feeling that this'll effect in the season 4 finale. However, although I do accept and liked many season finales of MLP, which is the Canterlot wedding back in S2 and Twilight's transformation back in S3, I think this will be my first time that I may dislike the result of the Mane 6 or everypony turning into rainbow color in S4. Well, of course nobody's sure if that'll happen in the season finale, and I do wish that I was wrong. But here's my question...

If all ponies including the Mane 6 become rainbow powered in the season finale, do you think they'll stay in that form forever throughout the next season?

Do you like this new series of rainbow colored (having too much decorational and eye-soring patterns) ponies?

If you think I'm wrong, which I'll be very happy to be provened, what do you think it'll happen in the season finale?

I really don't know...I just have a very bad feeling about this Rainbow Powered series, which is really unacceptable in my opinion.