Season 2's almost gonna end, and still wondering how Season 3's gonna be like. Yeah, I know there are people telling me to shut up forever and wait till the day, but just by guessing and imagining ain't that bad, right? If it was criminal, man something's wrong with this wiki... So what I'm trying to do is, I want everybody write down a list of what you want in Season 3!

On my side, I'm kinda wishing for this...

1.Return of Trixie and learns friendship (mostly with Twilight).

2.Return of Gilda and friendship with Rainbow Dash regains.

3.Arrival of Pinkie Pie's sisters.

4.CMC's cutie mark obtained, but probably something they didn't want to have but accepts it in the end. Need the drama!

5.Scootaloo's origin and family.(To be honest, I really didn't care for her in the beginning, but when I looked at DeviantArt, man I kinda felt so sorry for her and now wanna support her.)

6.Return of Princess Luna.(more beautiful cuteness!!!)

7.Celestia and Luna's origin, or how Canterlot was found.

8.Main stories and appearances for the background ponies.

9.Twilight where she suddenly loses her memories but regains back from the power of friendship.

There maybe more, but this is it for now. But hey, it may come. It's not that odd for the staff watching this wiki and our comments? So guys, what do you wish for?

Added 3/10: I wanna hear your wishes, not replies of my list. Please understand that, I don't want negative objections and arguments.