Season 2 has been ended with a blast, and Season 3 will be coming soon probably next 3-4 months, but now I would like to talk about Season 2's last boss type villain Queen Chrysalis.

I'd say she was an ultimate evil creature, more powerful than any other villains including Nightmare Moon and Discord. Eventually these Changelings were somehow reminded me as the Heartless and Nobodies from Kingdom Hearts series; not just they can change into certain beings, but how many Changelings were there in the actual show? They were like roaches, fleas, bed bugs (which I hate them for destroying my room), or any parasites that can manipulate or reproduce to 1000 Changelings in one day (not mentioned in the actual show, its just my stupid imaginations lol). Which I mean, they were everywhere! But strange they didn't turn into ashes after that final blow from the lovers, but do you think they'll return for revenge in Season 3, as the REAL final boss for the season finale?

Anyways, bringing back the subject, these types of main villains have their idolizations. For example, Nightmare Moon was idolized as darkness/nightmares, as Discord was idolized as disharmony/chaos. So, what do we idolize Chrysalis as? I was thinking of hatred/heartless or greed/lust. What do you guys think?

And one last thing, if Twilight and her friends used the Element of Harmony back then, would it defeated Chrysalis for good, or stayed invulnerable as almighty one?