Okay, I'm really not sure how many people in this wikia read the MLP comics, including the Forever Friends series...

Since the first release after the micro series ended, we have seen many major to minor pairings throughout this comics...Applejack & Pinkie was the first, then Discord & CMC, Celestia & Spike, Twilight & Shining Armor, Fluttershy & Zecora, Trixie & Rainbow Dash, Luna & Pinkie, Applejack & Rarity, and the upcoming FlimFlam Bros. & Granny, Fluttershy & Iron Will, and Spitfire & Rainbow Dash. Since we all know that this series will be continuing on than the micro series, there may be more other pairings that we might haven't thought of yet.

So, which MLP pairings would you wanna see in Forever Friends?

In my opinion, I would like to see these pairings...

  • Trixie & Maud Pie: I've starting to see these pairings a lot in DeviantArt and it was very interesting. Since Trixie have some ties with Pinkie's family since her return in Magic Duel, it'll be interesting how she'll deal with Maud Pie since they haven't met each other before. 
  • DJ Pon-3 & Octavia: Since these two can talk in the comics than the TV show, and as we've seen both of them together in many variant covers, we would like to see them both in action on how they deal or get along with each other. It'll also be interesting how they met in the first place too.
  • Rarity & Coco Pommel: Since they've became friends back in Rarity Takes Manehattan, we would like to see more on these duos. Maybe making an episode of Rarity and Coco challenge against Suri and her new assistant in a fashion duel may be interesting.
  • Braeburn & Little Strongheart: This is my favorite pairing since Over a Barrel. I would like to see how they're both doing since that incident.
  • Coco Pommel & Cadence: As Rarity did Cadence's manestyle back in Games Ponies Play, I would like to see Coco challenging herself on doing Cadence's manestyle, and getting a relationship with each other afterwards. I mean, I've been wondering why the staffs didn't make Cadence's episode in the micro series anyways? Is she that hated by the staffs badly as they don't want her in the comics?
  • Rainbow Dash & Photo Finish: I don't know...I just wanted to see how RD be victimized by Photo Finish. (lol)
  • Gilda & somepony else: Anyone? (:P)

There may be more, but I'll think about it later.

So, does anybody got any ideas which pairings you wanna see?