I have written a blog about imagining the story and making a wish list for Season 3, but this time, I have thought of another ideas of how Season 3 may happen. As you see, we have noticed that there were main villains, or bosses appeared in every first two part episodes in every beginning of the new seasons. Nightmare Moon appeared in the beginning of Season 1, turning Equestria into eternal darkness. Discord appeared in the beginning of Season 2, turning Equestria into a world of chaos. So, who's gonna appear as the main villain in Season 3, and what kind of powers will they use to attack Equestria and suffer the main 6? I want to hear your ideas and imaginations, with no negative and offensive objections and arguments needed! (I'm talking peace here, not criticisms)

In my case, I've always thought of an enemy who plans to destroy the world into pieces rather than conquering and changing it into negativeness, since I believe that type of enemy is a lot more powerful and evil than just plain baddies, and more like a god. But since this is My Little Pony, I had a second thought that it doesn't seem to be right for that kind of idea to be in the show, so I decided to think of another thing. But when I was surfing through DeviantArt, I found this: This kinda gave me an interest and some ideas, like what if there was an enemy who conquers fears, and trap everypony into the realm that they mostly fear of. Not just making them become crazy, but to fall in deep despair which victims cannot stand up forward anymore. But of course, Element of Harmony is the ultimate weapon for the main 6, so it'll be stopped and defeat the enemy. But unlike how they defeated Discord, this may be a toughest enemy to defeat, when Twilight's friends are in deep fear and despair.

This is just my fictional imaginations, but nobody knows how's gonna be like in the real show. But still, imagining it ain't gonna hurt. So give us your ideas!