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Yo, NightmareHouseFan!

I'll bet you 100 Rings that I love Fluttershy more than YOU!

Michael the Fox: I'm all for Rainbow Dash and Sonic! :) 04:15, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah! Bring it on!

Michael the Fox: I'm all for Rainbow Dash and Sonic! :) 04:18, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

There's only one thing to do: battle! RPG style, of course. FYI, RPG battles are turn-based, meaning we have to take turns when we attack. Deal? And remember: you can only do one thing per turn.

Michael the Fox: I'm all for Rainbow Dash and Sonic! :) 04:23, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

Battle (Part 1)

Battle Music:

Michael used Spin Dash! -20 HP

Michael put up his shield in defense!

Michael used Shadow Ball! -50 HP

Michael used a Pecha Berry!

Michael snapped out of his confusion!

Michael equipped a Flame Shield!

Flame Shield HP: 120

Michael used Sword Beam! -15 HP

Your current HP: 45

Ok. See you tomorrow!

You get the first move tomorrow! ;)

Also, we will have 3 battles.

Battle (Part 2)

Battle Music:

"Heh. I'm ready for ya this time, Dusky! You will be the first of many people to witness my awesome power! Bring it on!!"

You get the first attack!

"I have 150 HP! Er, at least, I did. Now I have 110 HP."

Michael used Tail Slash! -35 HP

"Well, we both seem to be below the 100 HP mark, so now... we shall use the Chaos Emeralds! You ready?"

Michael and Dusky used the Chaos Emeralds!

Michael and Dusky have now become Super!

"When Super, our HP regenerates slowly, and our attack is powered up by 100!"

Also, since this is the conclusion of battle #1, this is the first battle end music:

"My turn now!"

Michael used Super Sonic Boost! -50 HP

Michael used Chaos Energy!

Michael Powered Up to Hyper Michael!

Hyper theme: (Why isn't it looped DX)

You know, when Super, our HP get restored another 10 HP per turn, but Hyper forms restore 35 HP per turn.

Well, think of something!

Battle (Part 2)

Michael Used Ultra Sword! -150 HP

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